Amity Quartermaine

Co-director of Outerwear Archives
Maelhaus womanswear curator 
Freelance stylist and creative director




amity is a fashion writer, collector, consultant, image maker and stylist based in london. She is a co-director to outerwear archives, a fashion and media based outlet that has amassed a following of over 100k on instagram within the past five years. after completing a fashion foundation in 2020 at ravensbourne university, she has since followed with a graphic design ba course at camberwell college of arts. within the span of her degree she has worked as an independent stylist specialising in editorial short film and fashion based photography with use of archival garments. 

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Styling and Sourcing 

2023-2024 RITUALS 
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Director/writer/composer: @dechiewhy
Assistant Director: @LorraineKhamali
DOP: @ryanashleyjames
Head Producer: @Harielle_atanalindor @atanalindor
Assistant Producer: @Sarahxayesha
Camera Op (Analog): @omarssultan
Camera Op (Digital): @Kem_brwn
Gaffer: @Niyiferreira
Sound Op: @l_bbratch
Photography: @yiling_zhao_
Set Design: @Hirotakafuk
PA/Casting: @Minmie
Stylist: @Yoonin
Creative consultant/sourcing: @amityquartermaine
Makeup: @Nayeon.mua

Editor: @Hungjuitsao
Colourist: @valdezdjacob

Lead: @barmalonado
Lead: @minghsiang9

Composer: @dechiewhy
Saxophone: @lukeqhoang
Guitar: @Jadontt

Special thanks to
Harry Barber (@dadbod_films) (@harry.bbarber)
Jamie Ledson (@lastlightcinema) (@jamieledson)
Martin King (@maluki97)


Creative direction: @dechiewhy
Photograhy:  @yiling_zhao_
Styling: @yoonin
Makeup: @Nayeon.mua
Creative consultant/sourcing: @amityquartermaine

Collab project 

with @seanroche for project: tenderness of flesh

Styling tests 

with Machine-a and @yoonin
for organic short film setting 
1. Rick owens 2. Issey Miyake 3.stylists own 4. Maison Margiela 5.Martine rose 6.Issey Miyake 

Graphic Design and Post Production  

2020-2021 Anna Koblish’s assistant, work within post production and PA

2024 OUTERWEAR ARCHIVES publication, The Clothes Maketh the Cult

Outerwear Archives


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