Styling and Sourcing 

2023-2024 RITUALS 
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Director/writer/composer: @dechiewhy
Assistant Director: @LorraineKhamali
DOP: @ryanashleyjames
Head Producer: @Harielle_atanalindor @atanalindor
Assistant Producer: @Sarahxayesha
Camera Op (Analog): @omarssultan
Camera Op (Digital): @Kem_brwn
Gaffer: @Niyiferreira
Sound Op: @l_bbratch
Photography: @yiling_zhao_
Set Design: @Hirotakafuk
PA/Casting: @Minmie
Stylist: @Yoonin
Creative consultant/sourcing: @amityquartermaine
Makeup: @Nayeon.mua

Editor: @Hungjuitsao
Colourist: @valdezdjacob

Lead: @barmalonado
Lead: @minghsiang9

Composer: @dechiewhy
Saxophone: @lukeqhoang
Guitar: @Jadontt

Special thanks to
Harry Barber (@dadbod_films) (@harry.bbarber)
Jamie Ledson (@lastlightcinema) (@jamieledson)
Martin King (@maluki97)


Creative direction: @dechiewhy
Photograhy:  @yiling_zhao_
Styling: @yoonin
Makeup: @Nayeon.mua
Creative consultant/sourcing: @amityquartermaine

Collab project 

with @seanroche for project: tenderness of flesh

Styling tests 

with Machine-a and @yoonin
for organic short film setting 
1. Rick owens 2. Issey Miyake 3.stylists own 4. Maison Margiela 5.Martine rose 6.Issey Miyake